Fly Fishing Vacation on the San Juan River in New Mexico


Have you ever considered fishing as a viable vacation plan for you? Fly fishing can be a great way to relax. Being outside and catching a fish yourself can be very satisfying.

The San Juan River in New Mexico is world famous for its trout fishing. Located approxamently 40 miles from Farmington, below the Navajo Dam, the San Jaun river flows down a beautiful sandstone canyon. It meanders slowly down with breathtaking scenery. Its banks are dotted with willow and cottonwoods and there is an abundance of wildlife. The cool waters and abundance of food keep the trout happy and growing bigger. The average catch is about 15 to 20 inches long. Whether you are a long-time fisherman or are relatively new to this sport you will enjoy this vacation.

If you have your own equipment that is great. If you don't there are plenty of shops in the area that will be glad to help you to purchase or rent the things you need. There are opportunities to go out on your own or you can take one of the many guided trips available. These guides have a lot of experience and know the best places to find the largest catch. If you don't want to keep your fish, at Quality waters there is a catch and release policy. There are plenty of places available to stay within a few miles or up to 40 miles away depending on what you want. 

There are many beautiful campgrounds available, as well as hotels. If you do not want to make all your own arrangements you can arrange a guided package deal that includes your rooming, food and guide. They cost can range from 225.00 per person for a half day or 1244.00 for 5 nights and 4 days of guided fishing. These guided packages can be well worth your while. They provide everything you need so that you can concentrate on the fishing boat that you want to do. The fabulous weather makes this vacation restful. This area of New Mexico has approximately 300 sunny days a year and very little humidity. The warm days and cool nights leave you feeling rested and ready to tackle the next day.

Fly fishing can be a great vacation. It is fun and relaxing. Could this be the vacation you have been looking for?