Crappie Freshwater Fishing Tips


The name may sound slangy, but every freshwater fishing enthusiast knows that the Crappie is one of the most delicious of the freshwater fishes. And, added to the lure of freshwater fishing for crappie, one knows that he does not have a fight on his hands when leisurely fishing for this delicious fish. Surprisingly, this fish is not as intellectual as other fishes, and fairly easy to catch.

Fishing for crappie doesn't require any particular needs. The only requirement is a shade tree or lawn chair, a fishing lure, plenty of time for relaxation, minnows, and a bucket for your crappie. Your bait shop will likely have plenty of suggestions on where the best spots to catch crappie are, so ask when you purchase you minnows. Be sure to bait your hook with the smallest minnow, enticing the crappie to go after the minnow on your hook. Otherwise, he'll just nibble it off your hook. Living minnows are the best bait and known to fill fishermen's baskets full of crappie.

Fishing at dusk or at night is the best time for fishing, as the fish's environment has calmed and they are abundant and usually feeding and playing in the waters. Lanterns will attract the fish to come out of the deep waters and feed. Simply place the lantern close to the water's edge and the crappie will come.When you were out for fishing, choosing the best fish finders is must one & for that read this recommended post.

The crappies are medium-sized freshwater fish, about nine to ten inches when grown, and the hook should be sized accordingly. A 9 or 10 sized hook is a good size for the crappie. Many crappie fishermen use two hooks, one with the live bait attracting the crappie and the other hook to catch it. One important tip -- the mouth of the crappie is very delicate. If you feel just this tiny little nibble, reel it in gently. A jerk at the rod may make you lose your crappie altogether. Just gently reel it in.

Crappie is one of the most prolific of all freshwater fish available in a number of lakes and ponds in the USA such as in Oklahoma, Arizona, Tennessee and the down south, where the lakes do not freeze. If you are fishing in frozen water, you won't find the crappie there. The waters definitely need to be warm.

You will definitely enjoy this year-round freshwater fishing sport, so find a spot where the crappie are biting and fill your basket with one of the most delicious of the freshwater fishes.